Human  Trafficking

 Empowering kids now, is key to ending this underground sex trade.

don’t get tagged by human trafficking founder Jermiah Joseph saw a need for kids his age and under to get the message about Human Trafficking before it is too late.

But most Human Trafficking ads target a far older audience and miss the mark.

Empowering kids now, is key to ending this underground sex trade.

You don’t have to be a parent to be moved to tears after hearing stories about children being sexually exploited.

The partnership of “Don’t Get Tagged…by Human Trafficking” with producer Ty Pennington and Keystone Pictures, Inc. is helping grow and educate vulnerable kids to spot the danger signs before they become another statistic.


Emiliana Rose Crowell

Rebekah Kathleen Crowell

Jeremy Gene Goldstein

Molly Rebecca Luba Hill

Madeline Grace Hill

Nathanael Peter Victor-Smith

Director: Jermiah Joseph Victor

Producer: Ty Pennington

Executive Producer: Jenah Victor

Director of Photography:

Rob Marish – Keystone Pictures

Camera Operator: Jonathan Daly

Still & BTS Photography:

Emarie & Petr Marcan–INSTUDIOE

Production Assistants:

Amber Brown, Becca Hill

& Emarie Marcan

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